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Ok, so it has been forever since I have written on here. But I was inspired today by a friend of mine from college. 🙂

One thing I wanted to tell you all about that is new in our lives regarding health is that we changed pediatricians. The one we went to before was great, had terrific bedside manner, but was so negative towards health and alternative medicine. It began to be such a conflict for us each time we went because their office was so sarcastic about it all. With the new baby coming, and having learned so much more about health and alternative medicine since my last 2 kids were born, I decided I wanted more for this third child. And I certainly did not want to be ridiculed on all those visits you have with an infant.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Nick was really sick. I knew our former pediatrician’s office would either say there was nothing we could do, or offer an antibiotic. But I needed more for Nick. I didn’t want to just keep giving him motrin or cough medicine (which wasn’t helping anyway). So, we went to the new Dr. She was great! Spent over an hour with us getting to know us and our desire for health, talking through his symptoms and options for health. She did suspect that it was turning into a sinus infection, wrote us a script for antibiotics. But here is the difference, she told us to wait to fill it until after we tried some homeopathic and herbal treatments first. She was pretty sure that the body could heal itself, and gave us the OPTION on the antibiotic.

He did get better, we didn’t have to use the antibiotic, and we definitely decided to switch pediatricians! So, if you are able to find a pediatrician in your area that is an MD but also practices alternative/homeopathic medicine, then I highly recommend the switch.



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Hi. I probably won’t be posting for a while here. Not going to be on-line much and will not have much time to work on it anyways. But keep seeking the pieces to the puzzle! And we’ll connect up later.

What do you think?

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thinkingJust wondering what you all think so far of my Health Puzzle blog?

Who all is reading it?

I’d appreciate any comments you have, or just say hello and that you are here.

Chemicals in Toiletries

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Would you want to use anti-freeze or brake fluid as your make-up, deoderant, after shave?

Yuck, right!

Well, that is just what we are doing when we use many of the products available to us on the market today. The analogy I used above is true. It is the chemical called propylene glycol and you’ll be surpirsed to see how many products have it in there.

This website from the UK was extremely helpful and informative to me in regard to this issue. It has a helpful list of ingredients to watch out for and some of the dangers associated with them.

Now, you may be wondering…well, how good are the natural alternatives? Aren’t they more expensive? Is it really that important?

Well, I personally have switched most of our toiletry items to natural and I have been quite pleased with their results. I will post more about those in the future. As for their price, I have found that there is not much difference (unless of course you are currently using the generic version of shampoo that costs $2.00). And whether or not it is important, that is for you to decide.

My question to you is…if there is an alternative that is all-natural and safe and not that expensive, why would you still use products that have chemicals?

Medical Issues

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Sorry I haven’t posted lately on my Health Blog. We have had several different health issues these last couple of weeks. In fact, it has been craziness!

one armed kiddosYou see, first, my daughter broke her arm while riding a horse (she is almost 4 years old). Then, my son (who is 2 1/2) touched our hot stove last night and burned his hand pretty badly. I have had vision problems and apparently had what Drs call an Ocular Migraine. I still am having blurred vision and had to get an MRI yesterday. (Boy, that was a fun experience!). And on top of that we have also had cold stuff which has subsided now for the most part.

So, needless to say, I am tired. I am confused and perplexed by trying to find the pieces to this health puzzle and journey I am on.

I do have lots more things to post, so be looking for that soon. Or instead of continually checking my blog, you could always subsrcibe to my RSS feed (if you know what that means) or even sing up for e-mails when I post something.

I’ll keep you updated as I find out more about this vision mess.

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