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I just wanted to share with you all an observation I made the other day.

You see, we are out in Colorado right now for a conference. This is my 6th summer coming out here. I must say, every time I have been here before I have been sick in some way. In fact, one year I had this horrible sinus infection that had me bed-ridden for days.

But, I am very excited to announce that I FEEL GREAT this time! No allergy issues, sinus stuff, nausea, stomach problems, fatigue, etc! And I have to attribute it to our journey to better health. As you have been reading through this site, we have made several changes over the past year or so. From eating to changing toiletries/cosmetic products, cleaning products, great supplements, and just being more informed.

I am so excited!


My Story

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I know I have some of my story written in the “About Me” section. But I thought I would highlight some more today.

You see, I think many of my readers think I have always been this way in my thinking about health and nutrition. I have had some conversations and interactions with some people that have reminded me of thoughts I used to have or statements I would say. And it kind of makes me laugh to see the drastic difference in my thinking now. Here are some examples:

“It doesn’t matter what we eat, we are all going to die anyway.”

“I don’t care what I eat. I just want to enjoy myself.”

“I just want to go to the Dr and have him give me a drug and make me feel better!”

“I hate water! I just can’t drink it!”

“Why would the FDA approve something if it bad for us?”

“It’s carcinogenic? Who cares. I’m sure everything is carcinogenic at some point. What are we suppossed to do, just move to our own farm?”

“People actually make things from scratch now days? Why bother when they already have it all made for you in a box.”

I remember in our previous job, the man we worked with was very ill. There were all kinds of people sending him information about all kinds of alternative treatments. And I just thought it was crazy! “Why would anyone pursue that kind of treatment? They should just pick one Dr and do what he says.”

So, surprised?

Much of our society thinks this way. And many of us don’t know where to even start in trying to think and do the opposite. And quite frankly, it is hard to go against the grain.

I just wanted to show that it is a process. It’s not like I woke up one day and thought this way, or that I was even born this way. And I am still in process. I am learning, discovering, or trying different things every day.

Kim’s Story

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I wanted to start some posts under the category “Story Spotlight”. This will be a place where I highlight individuals and their stories in health and nutrition. Today I wanted to share about my friend, Kim.

Recently I was very excited to run into some friends of mine that moved away a few years ago. The bizarre thing was that we ran into each other in BIG Atlanta where neither one of us lives (but we were both visiting people)! It was so great to see them. One of the things we began talking about is nutrition. We discovered in talking that we have both changed in our eating and lifestyles. And I was very excited and challenged when I heard Kim’s story. So, I asked her if I could share it with you.

I think there is a spiritual & Biblical responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts we’ve been given, our bodies! I have become passionate about health and want to share it with people I love, whether it be family or friends. I have to tell you first, that I am a complete food addict. Last year, I went through Celebrate Recovery for a year (it’s like AA for addictions, hurts, abuse, etc), one reason being to face my addictions to food. It came down to being a spiritual matter for me…I was turning to food instead of God for comfort, like most everyone else out there who has issues with food. I realized at that time that I was really an addict because food to me is like a drug. I have never been overweight so people have always laughed at my gorging saying they wish they had my metabolism. Overeating has been a big problem my whole life. So now that I have faced my demons (but still really struggle with them) my husband & I don’t want our child to be the same way. We want to start her life physically but also mentally healthy. I think we as parents have such a responsiblity to our kids, and on the American diet, parents are actually killing them.

I was so challenged by her story. It was great to hear her heart and desire to see how we can really overlook the importance of being good stewards with our bodies.

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