Toxic Parabens in Personal Care Products

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Just received a link to yet another article about the Toxicity of Parabens in Personal Care Products –

Parabens have been a concern of mine for about 2 years. I first started thinking about them when I was using progesterone cream through my Dr on my body. It occurred to me that if this cream was absorbing in my body, what other things are absorbed through my skin into my body?! So, I began looking into it more and discovered Parabens and the fact that they are estrogen-like chemicals that do absorb into our bodies. Which, I was already having issues with hormone imbalances…so why in the world would I want to confuse the hormones even more with all the products I use on my body!

As a result, I switched all our personal care products and you can read about that here.


More Dangerous than Mattel Toys

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With all the hype lately about the toy recalls, NewsTarget has put out an article about 20 things that are more dangerous for children than the lead in those toys. Very interesting!!!

Highlights –
Mercury Fillings
Hot Dogs
Antibacterial Soap
Processed Milk
Fast Food
Synthetic Vitamins
Shampoo and Bath Products

I encourage you to check out the article and see why he says it is so dangerous. Definitely something to think about.

Any of them surprise you? If so, which ones?

Watch the Salad you Choose

September 5, 2007 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Links I Like, Nutrition Info | 2 Comments

I just discovered this article on Yahoo Health “When is a Salad Not a Healthy Choice?

It’s amazing that some salads at restaurants have more calories and fat than a McDonald’s Big Mac! YIKES! For example –

# Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Caesar Salad® — 920 calories and 69 grams of fat
# Panera’s Bistro Steak Salad® — 630 calories and 58 grams of fat
# Applebee’s Grilled Steak Caesar Salad® — 1,190 calories and 75 grams of fat


August 25, 2007 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 1 Comment

Did the sugar I ate last night throw my immune system over-the-edge?!

I have battled a cold all week long. And really was quite excited at how my body was fighting it off! Well, last night I ate not one, but three donuts from Smokey Bones. Woke up this morning and the COLD was on complete and all in it’s glory!

You know, I have read about sugar and all the harmful things it does to our bodies and especially our immune systems. And I have even seen somewhat of a connection before in my own life. But this, was so completely obvious to me! WOW!

In a post I wrote about sugar, I had read where sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease. And this is exactly what happened this week. It’s like my immune system was fighting and winning and then I put a bunch of refined sugar in my body and BOOM! My defenses against infectious diseases definitely weakened!

Hopefully my little immune system will find the strength to recover soon!!!


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I just wanted to share with you all an observation I made the other day.

You see, we are out in Colorado right now for a conference. This is my 6th summer coming out here. I must say, every time I have been here before I have been sick in some way. In fact, one year I had this horrible sinus infection that had me bed-ridden for days.

But, I am very excited to announce that I FEEL GREAT this time! No allergy issues, sinus stuff, nausea, stomach problems, fatigue, etc! And I have to attribute it to our journey to better health. As you have been reading through this site, we have made several changes over the past year or so. From eating to changing toiletries/cosmetic products, cleaning products, great supplements, and just being more informed.

I am so excited!

Everybody Poops

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Or do they? 🙂

I came across two blogs the past couple of days that have discussed either an issue with poop or a need for more fiber. It reminded me of our own poop issues in our house through the years. You see, years ago I struggled with IBS. It was HORRIBLE!!! Let me just say…sometimes I would be hours in the bathroom buckled over in pain! I was even on medication to try and help it. Then, my daughter had issues with constipation as a baby and toddler. I mean the girl would go 4 to 5 days sometimes without a poop. And let me tell you…that makes for one cranky toddler!

So, what has helped us?

Well, definitely adding more fiber! And getting rid of all forms of the white, processed flour junk. And we also did a blood food allergy test. The actual test we did is called an IgG test. We discovered we were allergic to dairy and eggs (and my daughter was also allergic to soy). But, even if you are not allergic to dairy, I would recommend eliminating it because dairy is very constipating.

My first post on here was about Dr. OZ on Oprah. I love his very candid explanations about health and our bodies! Here is another article from him that I especially love – “Everybody Poops!”

Highlights include:
“You want to hear what the stool, the poop, sounds like when it hits the water. If it sounds like a bombardier, you know, ‘plop, plop, plop,’ that’s not right because it means you’re constipated. It means the food is too hard by the time it comes out. It should hit the water like a diver from Acapulco hits the water [swoosh].”

“What part of your body is most similar to your brain? The surprising answer is your small bowel, where most digestion occurs. If your bowel’s not happy, those same chemicals influence your brain.” (Goes along with the same principle I shared here about the Enteric Nervous System)

“We are the best health educated society in the history of mankind but we don’t take information and use it to motivate us to change our behavior.”

SO…how’s your poop?! Ha Ha…couldn’t resist! But, that is rhetorical, so please don’t answer that!

Meat Recall

June 11, 2007 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 1 Comment

A meat supplier has greatly expanded a ground beef recall, which now includes about 5.7 million pounds of fresh and frozen meat that may be contaminated with E. coli. Here is an article from Fox news which gives more details.

Another article I found was from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). In response to this recall, the PCRM are offering a free 16-page Vegetarian Starter Kit to worried carnivores (you can find the details for that in the article). I also like where the article says:

“It is time to kick the meat habit,” says PCRM president and nutrition researcher Neal Barnard, M.D. “In addition to the risk of E. coli, the fat, cholesterol and cancer-causing agents in meat, chicken, pork, and other animal products are devastating to public health. Vegetarians enjoy lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and a number of other diseases.”

It is no wonder this meat becomes contaminated during animal slaughter. Check out this video to see the process. (I must warn you that it is pretty graphic, but very enlightening) – “Meet the Meat”

And what do I think personally? Well, I tell you, it is becoming less and less appealing to eat meat and poultry! We have cut down a great bit, but still have it some. It’s hard to change to completely vegetarian. I definitely have become convinced of buying organic, free-range meat in the products we do consume! It is more expensive, but as seen from the information here, it is worth it!!! Plus, with reducing our consumption of meat, we aren’t buying as much anyway. Definitely something to think about!

My Supplements

June 10, 2007 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 2 Comments

I had a request the other day to blog about the supplements I currently take and/or which ones I believe to be important for most people. Let me first say, that I do believe taking supplements is necessary in our current world. Our diets are so varied that we don’t get the necessary nutrients for optimum health. And even if you do eat a well-balanced diet each day, you just can’t possibly get the same amount you could obtain through supplements. I remember when I was pregnant with Nicholas, I experienced severe Restless Leg Syndrome. Well, my nutritionist suggested I take a potassium supplement. My OB suggested I just eat more bananas. His statement was not realistic! First of all, I HATE bananas, so eating them was not an appealing option. Second, even if I did eat them, I would have to eat like 10 bananas a day to reach the equivalent of a supplement.

I will also say that I have learned a great deal in the area of supplements in the past two years. I have become increasingly aware of the importance of taking supplements that are from whole-foods or phytonutrient based as opposed to synthetic types. You see, the synthetic just are not as bio-available to our bodies. Meaning our bodies can not process them as efficiently, therefore not reaping the true benefit. And furthermore, they could actually harm your body since the body has to work so hard to break it down. So, I am a firm believer in whole-food based products and phytonutrients.

As for what I take – I currently take a line of products through my nutritionist from Premier Research Labs. The more I look into this product, I believe it is pure stuff! No excipients, binders, fillers, etc.

Greens Mix – Which is basically a nutrient grass rich supplement and Chlorella (which a couple of sites I read say Chlorella is one of few supplements they believe everyone should take).

EFA Oil Blend (Essential Fatty Acid) – I love the fact that this product has EFA from unrefined oils, not just fish oil (because there is differing research and opinions out there about the purity of fish oil products and some would even say that they can weaken your immune system). This is also a very beneficial supplement for everyone because our diets severely lack EFA!

So, those are two products I believe and have found to be consistently recommended for everyone and everyday use. Now, it doesn’t matter if you do Premier Research Labs, but I would recommend these products in some form. I also believe that Probiotics (which are beneficial bacteria) are very important in regaining and maintaining healthy flora in the gut. Especially if you have ever been on or are currently taking anti-biotics! Anti-biotics essentially kill every bit of bacteria in your body – both the bad and the good! Which can set you up for a whole host of problems if your gut is not healthy (and I can vouch for that from experience!).

As for the other products I take – they are more targeted for specific issues and health challenges I have. For one…my hormones! Yikes! Now that has been a big mess and that is the case for most women, especially as we get older. So, I take two products through Premier called Fem Balance and Multi-Pollen. I must say (not to give too much info to the men readers), these products have helped regulate my ladies’ days (as we affectionately call them in our house) tremendously! Praise God! I also take Paracidin, which is to help cleanse my gut and system from parasites. Which is a whole nother story that I will not get into right now. And my favorite, above all others, is Tranquinol! You can tell just by the name that this is golden!! It truly has helped me to relax more and sleep so soundly!!! I LOVE IT!

One website that I found to have great information about each of these products from Premier Research Labs is called PhPure. You can check the detailed data sheet on each product and read more about its uses. I have not ordered them from there because I get them straight from my nutritionist, Dr. Heise. Let me know if you have any questions.

Got milk?

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got milkThe other day we had a cup in our house that said, “Got milk?” I think Jason must have gotten it free some where.

Well, I had this big debate in my head over this cup.

You see, we don’t drink milk. We are allergic to it. But not only are we allergic to it, in my search for substitutes for milk products, I have become very aware of the research showing that milk is not all it is cracked up to be.

So, I thought, I just can’t promote this product that is so misleading and causing loads of health problems for much of our society that has bought into their marketing. And I quickly threw the cup in the trash.

You may be wondering what is so bad about milk.

The Chicago Tribune cited milk as, “the sacred cow of the American diet, and that it is under attack and not just by animal-rights activists. Though federal dietary guidelines and most mainstream nutrition experts recommend that people age 9 or older drink three glasses of milk a day, researchers are examining the role of dairy in everything from rising osteoporosis rates, Type 1 diabetes and heart disease to breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.”

Some leading practitioners of integrative medicine, including best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil, suggest eliminating dairy products from the diet to help treat irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, eczema and ear infections.

And apparently Starbucks has even decided to “Hold the Hormones”. An article at MSNBC says that “Starbucks is moving towards milk that is free of the artificial hormone known as rBGH, which is given as a supplement to dairy cows to increase milk production. Critics say that rBGH given to dairy cows increases the level of another growth hormone in both cows and humans known as IGF-1, and that elevated levels of IGF-1 has been associated with increased cancer rates. Critics also say growth hormone supplements are harmful to the dairy cows.”

There is even more information out there to prove that cow’s milk is just that…milk for cows.

And as for the question which I get asked a lot, “How do you get your calcium?” Milk is not the only source for calcium. In fact some researchers are finding that are bodies don’t really absorb that much from milk as we think, and that we can get as much, if not more calcium from other food sources (especially green vegetables). In fact, in a 100 calorie serving of romaine lettuce, there is more calcium than milk. And broccoli has about the same amount as milk per 100 calories. And to put your mind at ease for my calcium intake…I have had my blood work checked and my calcium levels are great (and I have been off dairy for almost a year).

Not So Gullible

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The other day I was more keenly aware of my gullibility…quite funny!

However, in my search for an image to use for that post I came across this gullibility factor test from NewsTarget. So, I took it and it appears I am not as gullible in this area of life (health and nutrition)! In fact, it said and I quote, “Welcome to the top 5%. You’re a true free thinker and a person who is well informed about the reality in which you live. Although you may have been easily manipulated earlier in life, you eventually gained lucidity and developed a healthy sense of skepticism that you now automatically apply to your observations and experiences. You have cast off reality distortions taught to you by your parents, schooling, corporate advertising and government propaganda. You create your own beliefs based on what serves you best, without much regard for what the rest of the crowd is doing.”

To which, I would agree. However, it also said that, “If you were in The Matrix, you would have taken the red pill, completed the combat training, and started fighting (and beating) agents from day one.” To which, I disagree. I think that is my desire and my heart, but the fact that I am timid and insecure in my personality holds me back from truly fighting for what I know is true. In fact, I get so offended and hurt when people challenge my desire to be healthier or make fun of me. uugghh!

But that is aside from the point…check out the really is quite informative. And let me know how your results turn out or if something really surprised you after taking it! Just click the gullible photo here:

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