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“Might as well eat what you want, we are all going to die some day.” This is literally what I said most of my life.

I remember thinking that health, nutrition, and alternative therapies were so weird and quacky!

Well, I have lots of sinus problems, hypothyroid, hormone imbalance, stomach issues, and IgA deficiency (an immune deficiency). Some of these things I lived with most of my life, but honestly didn’t really care that much about at the time. In fact, living like that was all I knew. I never dreamed what it would be like to be healthy. In fact, I thought it was normal to not be able to breathe through my nose very well, get sick frequently, and to have an upset stomach every now and then (which later progressed to Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

When my daughter, Natalie was a baby she had several Urinary Tract Infections, and they discovered she had a reflux in her ureter that was causing them and might continue to cause them until she grew out of it at like age 2 or 3. Doctors wanted to put her on an anti-biotic everyday for a year as a preventative measure. There was a check in my gut that thought to look into it more. So, I did. I came home and looked on the internet for anything I could find out. I also was referred to a pediatrician MD who was open to alternative treatments. So, she told us about a natural product called Clear Tract and it worked!!!

It was through that experience that I became more open to alternative treatments and more natural approaches. Afterall, if this could work in that situation, what other natural approaches might there be for other health challenges. And that opened up a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE for me!

So, for the past couple of years, I have been so intrigued by it and would say it is now a passion of mine. I have looked into so many different facets of health and nutrition, and continue to look and learn more all the time. I have discovered that it is like a PUZZLE! There are so many different aspects to our bodies, the world, and culture we live in that effect our health. There is no real “quick-fix”, which is really hard for me. I am more of an instant gratification person, so that can be very frustrating to me at times. I want a someone just to tell me how to fix the symptom or take a drug to make me feel better quickly. But I am learning that it is a process, and finding the different pieces of the puzzle takes time.

Some of my friends mentioned that I should blog about it all and share some of the things I am learning and find. So, I am deciding to give it a try. Afterall, if what I am learning can benefit someone else, then that would be awesome! Now, the things I plan to blog about are anywhere from everyday issues, simple things to implement, great products, to more deeper complexities. So, enjoy!


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