More Dangerous than Mattel Toys

September 9, 2007 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Links I Like, NewsTarget, Nutrition Info | 3 Comments

With all the hype lately about the toy recalls, NewsTarget has put out an article about 20 things that are more dangerous for children than the lead in those toys. Very interesting!!!

Highlights –
Mercury Fillings
Hot Dogs
Antibacterial Soap
Processed Milk
Fast Food
Synthetic Vitamins
Shampoo and Bath Products

I encourage you to check out the article and see why he says it is so dangerous. Definitely something to think about.

Any of them surprise you? If so, which ones?



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  1. Wow! I had no idea! We are actually good on all of these except the fast food. 😦 But still, I would never have thought they were worse than lead. Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by This Simple Life. I appreciate your comment. Perhaps I will use VistaPrint for my Christmas cards this year. Great suggestion.

  2. Antibacterial soap. Is that because they’ll eat it?

  3. What an interesting (and a little scary) article!

    I may have to link to this. I’ve been working on a post about all the toy recalls and how they might make one think differently about the purchases we make for Christmas.

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