August 25, 2007 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 1 Comment

Did the sugar I ate last night throw my immune system over-the-edge?!

I have battled a cold all week long. And really was quite excited at how my body was fighting it off! Well, last night I ate not one, but three donuts from Smokey Bones. Woke up this morning and the COLD was on complete and all in it’s glory!

You know, I have read about sugar and all the harmful things it does to our bodies and especially our immune systems. And I have even seen somewhat of a connection before in my own life. But this, was so completely obvious to me! WOW!

In a post I wrote about sugar, I had read where sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease. And this is exactly what happened this week. It’s like my immune system was fighting and winning and then I put a bunch of refined sugar in my body and BOOM! My defenses against infectious diseases definitely weakened!

Hopefully my little immune system will find the strength to recover soon!!!


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  1. […] due to the sugar-coated donut (or 3) that I ate last night, which I’m sure did not help my immune system with the sugar and food allergens I am allergic […]

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