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I just wanted to share with you all an observation I made the other day.

You see, we are out in Colorado right now for a conference. This is my 6th summer coming out here. I must say, every time I have been here before I have been sick in some way. In fact, one year I had this horrible sinus infection that had me bed-ridden for days.

But, I am very excited to announce that I FEEL GREAT this time! No allergy issues, sinus stuff, nausea, stomach problems, fatigue, etc! And I have to attribute it to our journey to better health. As you have been reading through this site, we have made several changes over the past year or so. From eating to changing toiletries/cosmetic products, cleaning products, great supplements, and just being more informed.

I am so excited!


Everybody Poops

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Or do they? 🙂

I came across two blogs the past couple of days that have discussed either an issue with poop or a need for more fiber. It reminded me of our own poop issues in our house through the years. You see, years ago I struggled with IBS. It was HORRIBLE!!! Let me just say…sometimes I would be hours in the bathroom buckled over in pain! I was even on medication to try and help it. Then, my daughter had issues with constipation as a baby and toddler. I mean the girl would go 4 to 5 days sometimes without a poop. And let me tell you…that makes for one cranky toddler!

So, what has helped us?

Well, definitely adding more fiber! And getting rid of all forms of the white, processed flour junk. And we also did a blood food allergy test. The actual test we did is called an IgG test. We discovered we were allergic to dairy and eggs (and my daughter was also allergic to soy). But, even if you are not allergic to dairy, I would recommend eliminating it because dairy is very constipating.

My first post on here was about Dr. OZ on Oprah. I love his very candid explanations about health and our bodies! Here is another article from him that I especially love – “Everybody Poops!”

Highlights include:
“You want to hear what the stool, the poop, sounds like when it hits the water. If it sounds like a bombardier, you know, ‘plop, plop, plop,’ that’s not right because it means you’re constipated. It means the food is too hard by the time it comes out. It should hit the water like a diver from Acapulco hits the water [swoosh].”

“What part of your body is most similar to your brain? The surprising answer is your small bowel, where most digestion occurs. If your bowel’s not happy, those same chemicals influence your brain.” (Goes along with the same principle I shared here about the Enteric Nervous System)

“We are the best health educated society in the history of mankind but we don’t take information and use it to motivate us to change our behavior.”

SO…how’s your poop?! Ha Ha…couldn’t resist! But, that is rhetorical, so please don’t answer that!


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Hi. I probably won’t be posting for a while here. Not going to be on-line much and will not have much time to work on it anyways. But keep seeking the pieces to the puzzle! And we’ll connect up later.

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