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June 25, 2007 at 11:46 pm | Posted in Links I Like | Leave a comment

Recently, my friend Rob asked me for some web page links about a health topic we were discussing. It got me thinking…maybe the rest of you all would like to see what I save as my favorites in regards to health topics.

So, I will start with what I shared to Rob on the Enteric Nervous System. Otherwise known as Your Second Brain in your gut, or the whole brain-gut connection. I starting learning about this when Natalie was having some gut issues and behvior issues. My Dr. told me that there are as many neurotransmitters in your gut as there are in your brain. And those neurotransmitters are responsible for your serotonin levels and norepinephrine and all that. So, if your gut is out of whack, it makes sense that it would effect your emotions. And once we started helping Natalie’s gut to heal and eliminated her food allergies…it definitley helped her behavior!

Here are some links that talk more about it. Enjoy!


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