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June 10, 2007 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 2 Comments

I had a request the other day to blog about the supplements I currently take and/or which ones I believe to be important for most people. Let me first say, that I do believe taking supplements is necessary in our current world. Our diets are so varied that we don’t get the necessary nutrients for optimum health. And even if you do eat a well-balanced diet each day, you just can’t possibly get the same amount you could obtain through supplements. I remember when I was pregnant with Nicholas, I experienced severe Restless Leg Syndrome. Well, my nutritionist suggested I take a potassium supplement. My OB suggested I just eat more bananas. His statement was not realistic! First of all, I HATE bananas, so eating them was not an appealing option. Second, even if I did eat them, I would have to eat like 10 bananas a day to reach the equivalent of a supplement.

I will also say that I have learned a great deal in the area of supplements in the past two years. I have become increasingly aware of the importance of taking supplements that are from whole-foods or phytonutrient based as opposed to synthetic types. You see, the synthetic just are not as bio-available to our bodies. Meaning our bodies can not process them as efficiently, therefore not reaping the true benefit. And furthermore, they could actually harm your body since the body has to work so hard to break it down. So, I am a firm believer in whole-food based products and phytonutrients.

As for what I take – I currently take a line of products through my nutritionist from Premier Research Labs. The more I look into this product, I believe it is pure stuff! No excipients, binders, fillers, etc.

Greens Mix – Which is basically a nutrient grass rich supplement and Chlorella (which a couple of sites I read say Chlorella is one of few supplements they believe everyone should take).

EFA Oil Blend (Essential Fatty Acid) – I love the fact that this product has EFA from unrefined oils, not just fish oil (because there is differing research and opinions out there about the purity of fish oil products and some would even say that they can weaken your immune system). This is also a very beneficial supplement for everyone because our diets severely lack EFA!

So, those are two products I believe and have found to be consistently recommended for everyone and everyday use. Now, it doesn’t matter if you do Premier Research Labs, but I would recommend these products in some form. I also believe that Probiotics (which are beneficial bacteria) are very important in regaining and maintaining healthy flora in the gut. Especially if you have ever been on or are currently taking anti-biotics! Anti-biotics essentially kill every bit of bacteria in your body – both the bad and the good! Which can set you up for a whole host of problems if your gut is not healthy (and I can vouch for that from experience!).

As for the other products I take – they are more targeted for specific issues and health challenges I have. For one…my hormones! Yikes! Now that has been a big mess and that is the case for most women, especially as we get older. So, I take two products through Premier called Fem Balance and Multi-Pollen. I must say (not to give too much info to the men readers), these products have helped regulate my ladies’ days (as we affectionately call them in our house) tremendously! Praise God! I also take Paracidin, which is to help cleanse my gut and system from parasites. Which is a whole nother story that I will not get into right now. And my favorite, above all others, is Tranquinol! You can tell just by the name that this is golden!! It truly has helped me to relax more and sleep so soundly!!! I LOVE IT!

One website that I found to have great information about each of these products from Premier Research Labs is called PhPure. You can check the detailed data sheet on each product and read more about its uses. I have not ordered them from there because I get them straight from my nutritionist, Dr. Heise. Let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. So for most people you’d say the standard anyone should take is the Greens Mix and EFA Oil Blend? No multi? Or what about B and C vitamins?

  2. I do think a multi-vitamin would be beneficial, but I would emphasize again to have a whole-foods based product rather than synthetic. In fact, the product I have recommended for kids “organic frogs” , that company also has several powder forms for adults which would be excellent! I have heard of other similar products like Alive! Whole Foods powder or Super Reds (and Greens) by Purity Products. And as for singeling out the B and C vitamins, most of these are in synthetic forms. We do take a buffered ascorbic acid product (vit C) sometimes when we are fighting an illness. Hope that helps!

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