Vegan King of Queens

April 17, 2007 at 2:07 pm | Posted in NewsTarget | 3 Comments

Anybody watch “King of Queens” on CBS last night?

We watched it and I was amused by Doug’s cleaner approach to life. He was pretty much the complete opposite of how he normally is. In fact, one aspect of his life that was drastically different was his conversion to Vegan eating!

Pretty interesting that Hollywood would make fun of Vegans, considering California is generally well-known as health freaks, organic, tree-huggers, etc. hhmmm.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how Doug was viewed as “pushy” and “radical” with his new-found passion. Yet, I think there is reality to this story line. I very much have felt like people think I am “radical” in my desire for health and nutrition. Which makes me recall an article I found a while back about this view of nutrition being “radical”.

This article on NewsTarget is excellent! It is tiltled, “What is a “normal” diet? Consumers and food industry pundits have it all backwards”

I love the begnining of it, where he says, “(someone respnded to him with) – ‘Well I’m not sure I want to do that. I don’t want to do something so extreme,’ and I said, “What do you mean extreme? You think the raw foods diet is extreme?” Then it hit me: Most people think that the processed food diet — loaded with chemicals, additives, preservatives, artificial plastic fats and milled grains that are depleted of nutrients — is normal.” He talks about how Society has been distorted by the food industry, which is why artificial foods are “normal” and vegetables are “extreme”.

Some highlights from the article –
~People think it’s normal to drink three cups of coffee a day. They think it’s normal to drink soda for breakfast. People think it’s normal to eat meat five days a week, or nacho chips laced with chemical excitotoxins and artificial color. But none of this is normal. This is all extreme. This is all a dangerous deviation from the diet that’s truly natural and normal.
~The standard American diet of death and disease is of course normal from the point of view that everybody is doing it, so the extreme has become socially acceptable. The foods that kill you are the foods that virtually everyone consumes. That’s why these people think their food choice is normal. That’s why they think that you, as a vegetarian or a vegan or someone who avoids dangerous ingredients, are abnormal or extreme. They, the ignorant masses eating death and disease, think you are a weirdo for eating foods that actually promote clear thinking and biological health. The irony is hilarious.
~That is why we have so much chronic disease and strange behavior in the population today. What you eat affects how you think; it affects your behavior, moods and level of aggression. This is all influenced by your food choice.
~Overall, people have a very bizarre idea of what is normal, and you hear this in another common myth, which is that all foods, even ones that are bad for you, can be eaten in moderation.

Let me know what you think – is eating healthy radical or normal?



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  1. That was a very interesting post, Jill. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the food choices we make. I’ve been changing my eating patterns and have realized just how bad our “normal” foods are. One thing that your post brought out that is a hard mental shift is the fact that we think eating meat 5 days a week is normal. That is so engrained in my psyche that I have a hard time shifting out of that. I even grew up in Africa where meat is not normal. I have a lot of beans and rice recipes but for some reason there’s a prevailing attitude that that’s not a “real meal.”

  2. Pam,
    Yea, the meat thing is hard for us too. I have noticed a lack of desire though as I learn more about it and it’s effects on health (it takes 72 hours for our bodies to break down meat!) We have moved more towards having smaller amounts of meat. Like if we have spaghetti, just use a little bit of ground beef, or dishes with diced chicken, just a little chicken and increase on the veggies. That seems to help us. As for your rice and bean recipes, I would love to have some. So send them my way! 🙂

  3. A really interesting post. Like Pam, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about portion sizes, etc. I would have said I was a healthy eater before, but am realizing that I have some real weaknesses and areas that need improvement.

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