Healthier Toiletries

January 21, 2007 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Products | 4 Comments

In my last post I said I would tell you some of the products we use now as an alternative to so many of the products out there with chemicals. So, here are a few that we have used and like:

~ Jason Natural Products (and not just because it shares my husband’s name)
We have used their Satin Shower Body Wash, Sunscreen, Liquid Satin Soap, Kid’s Shampoo and Toothpaste
~ Tom’s of Maine
We like the Children’s Toothpaste, but haven’t tried much else.
~ Aubrey’s Organics
I love their hand and body lotion. It’s as pure as it gets!
~ Kiss My Face
A lot of their products still have parabens in them, but they are moving away from it more now. But they do have a great deoderant called “Liquid Rock” which works great! (Now that was a switch, changing to natural deoderant! But the evidence convinced me and after trying 5 different types, I found this one that works. Good thing, especially for my husband.)
~ Giovanni Hair Care
I have used their shampoo and conditioner. Very pleased.
~ Bare Escentuals Make-Up
This is a new one for me! I love it!!

As for where to buy these things. Well, you can get them at your local health food store, but I like to look on-line and get discounts when I can. Some websites I have purchased from are:

Oh…FYI on my deoderant hunt…I said I tried 5 different kinds. Well, many of the health food stores have a great return policy. If you don’t like it (even after you try it a couple of times), you can get a refund.



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  1. I LOVE Bare Escentuals! I have used it for years now and am so glad I switched. You can even buy it on ebay if you want to “sample” different products 🙂

  2. I have seen the ads recently for Bare Escentuals and was a bit intrigues. Scott & i were just discussing how I need to be sure to wipe off all my makeup at night before bed because I have noticed that I have a tendency to break out a lot and I know it is due to my lazy habits of not getting all of my foundation off at night before bed. Anyway, since I went to the Bare Escentuals website link on your blog, I noticed it said you can wear their makeup products to bed! That sounds like the clincher that will “seal the deal” for me! I am going to have to give it a try! Thanks, Jill!

  3. […] were very impressed with how clean my teeth were, especially not having gone for years (guess my natural toothpaste isn’t a quack)! There was very minimal bleeding! And no cavities! So, my record for no […]

  4. […] reading through this site, we have made several changes over the past year or so. From eating to changing toiletries/cosmetic products, cleaning products, great supplements, and just being more […]

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