Healthier Toiletries

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In my last post I said I would tell you some of the products we use now as an alternative to so many of the products out there with chemicals. So, here are a few that we have used and like:

~ Jason Natural Products (and not just because it shares my husband’s name)
We have used their Satin Shower Body Wash, Sunscreen, Liquid Satin Soap, Kid’s Shampoo and Toothpaste
~ Tom’s of Maine
We like the Children’s Toothpaste, but haven’t tried much else.
~ Aubrey’s Organics
I love their hand and body lotion. It’s as pure as it gets!
~ Kiss My Face
A lot of their products still have parabens in them, but they are moving away from it more now. But they do have a great deoderant called “Liquid Rock” which works great! (Now that was a switch, changing to natural deoderant! But the evidence convinced me and after trying 5 different types, I found this one that works. Good thing, especially for my husband.)
~ Giovanni Hair Care
I have used their shampoo and conditioner. Very pleased.
~ Bare Escentuals Make-Up
This is a new one for me! I love it!!

As for where to buy these things. Well, you can get them at your local health food store, but I like to look on-line and get discounts when I can. Some websites I have purchased from are:

Oh…FYI on my deoderant hunt…I said I tried 5 different kinds. Well, many of the health food stores have a great return policy. If you don’t like it (even after you try it a couple of times), you can get a refund.


Chemicals in Toiletries

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Would you want to use anti-freeze or brake fluid as your make-up, deoderant, after shave?

Yuck, right!

Well, that is just what we are doing when we use many of the products available to us on the market today. The analogy I used above is true. It is the chemical called propylene glycol and you’ll be surpirsed to see how many products have it in there.

This website from the UK was extremely helpful and informative to me in regard to this issue. It has a helpful list of ingredients to watch out for and some of the dangers associated with them.

Now, you may be wondering…well, how good are the natural alternatives? Aren’t they more expensive? Is it really that important?

Well, I personally have switched most of our toiletry items to natural and I have been quite pleased with their results. I will post more about those in the future. As for their price, I have found that there is not much difference (unless of course you are currently using the generic version of shampoo that costs $2.00). And whether or not it is important, that is for you to decide.

My question to you is…if there is an alternative that is all-natural and safe and not that expensive, why would you still use products that have chemicals?

Agave Nectar

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agaveI wrote recently about how bad sugar is for us and in a comment I mentioned that I would write about alternatives soon. You see, I have discovered this awesome substitute called Agave Nectar. I discovered it while at Whole Foods a few months ago. This other customer actually pointed it out to me. So, I decided to try it. And it really is good. We even use it on our pancakes instead of table syrup. Here are some facts about it:

The agave plant’s fleshy leaves cover the pineapple-shaped heart of the plant, which contains a sweet sticky juice. It is about 90% fructose in its natural forms. No harsh processing chemicals. It has a low glycemic level. And, because it is sweeter than table sugar, less is needed in your recipes. It can be very useful for people who are diabetic, have insulin resistance, or just watching carbs.

When substituting this sweetener in recipes, you would want to use about 25% less in a recipe. So, 3/4 C Agave = 1 C of sugar. You would also want to reduce your liquid slightly, sometimes as much as 1/3 less. And reduce your oven temp by 25 degrees. Of course, you can substitute it in other things besides baked goods…tea, coffee, homemade salad dressings, etc.

So, enjoy!

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