Dr. Oz

November 6, 2006 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Nutrition Info | 5 Comments

Have you heard of Dr. Oz?

I hadn’t until my friend Christi told me he was on Oprah the other day and had some pretty fascninating stuff to talk about. So, I checked it out on Oprah’s website. And, wow! I am thoroughly amazed by what I saw.

Here is the link to his segment on “Inside the Human Body“. He brought in various real organs to show what they look like healthy and then damaged, to help show how we are damaging our bodies.

Can I just say, “Gross!” And yet, so amazing! (and convicting)

For example:
This is a picture of a healthy aorta and an unhealthy one. He says the plaque created in the aorta is literally hard like a rock, that is why they call it hardening of the arteries.

And this is the stomach. The unhealthy one on the left shows black spots and discolored craters, which are signs of an overworked stomach. Notice how it is stretched out as well.

So, great way to start out my first post on this health blog, huh?




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  1. Ew. But I want to encourage you to keep this blog going! I’m an endorser of your experience and knowledge.

  2. Great first post.

  3. I like your post very much! This info is shocking! I would have loved to see the show and see the real organs.

    I just went to the New Vitamin Shoppe on Alafaya today. They are giving away a free $25 Prescription for Nutritional healing book for a $50 purchase. If you have to stock up on some things they are a great place and the book is wonderful.

  4. Ewwww…but, it is cool to compare what healthy organs and non-healthy organs look like! Have you heard about the Bodies exhibit that is now at the Orlando Science Center? I want to go and check it out, even though I am sure some of it may be a bit difficult to look at.

  5. […] first post on here was about Dr. OZ on Oprah. I love his very candid explanations about health and our bodies! Here is another article […]

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