Great Children’s Vitamin

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logoI was on the hunt for a good, all-around children’s vitamin. Well, this one is awesome! Organic Frog, Green’s Today Children’s Formula.

Here is the description from their website: Greens Today® Children’s Formula is a delicious naturally fruit flavored chewable superfood multi-vitamin and mineral supplement in “Friendly Frog” shapes kids love to eat! It’s the most complete Children’s chewable ever made! Unlike other brands, Greens Today® Children’s Formula contains 72 powerful superfoods, phyto-nutrients, non-dairy probiotics, plant fibers and so much more! There is also extra calcium and Vitamin C added to help build strong bones and enhance the immune system.

Now, you may or may not know what those terms mean above, and maybe at some point I can write more about it. But, as for now, just know it is really good and important stuff and far better for our kiddos then synthetic vitamins! And it’s great, because how many of our kids are eating a well-balanced meal?

And for us adults, they have an “Energy Booster” chewable and several other formulas that are in powder form that you can mix with your drink or smoothie or whatever.

You can order it straight from their website or google it and you can find other companies that carry it at discounted prices. I used Smartbomb, but there are several others.



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sugar cubesWe all know sugar is bad for us, but do we know how bad?

Here are some things that it has been proven to effect in our bodies:

Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease.
Sugar can produce a significant rise in total cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol and a decrease in good cholesterol.
Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the development of cancer.
Sugar can cause many problems with the gastrointestinal tract including: an acidic digestive tract, indigestion, malabsorption.
Sugar can cause your saliva to become acidic, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.
Sugar contributes to obesity.
Sugar can contribute to eczema in children.
Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.
Sugar is an addictive substance.
Sugar may induce cell death.
Sugar can contribute to diabetes.

I recorded these from (click on How Sugar can Ruin Your Health), where she sites these in list of 146 harmful effects of sugar and has a ton of references to back it up.

Another thing I am learning about sugar is that it is not just strictly sugar in the form of candy that is what is harmful to our bodies.

Did you know that the average American consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar a WEEK! How is that possible, you say? Well, just consider that highly refined sugars in the forms of sucrose (table sugar), dextrose (corn sugar), and high-fructose corn syrup are being processed into so many foods such as bread, breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, sodas, salad dressings and a bizzillion other things we have come to accept in our every day diets.

So, I encourage you to check your labels for ingredients and look for the different forms of sugar. Comment back and let me know what products you are surprised have added sugar or even products you want to try not to eat anymore because of their sugar content. I have found that even on packages that are labeled “All Natural Ingredients”, they still contain High-fructose corn syrup (which is actually worse for you then table sugar, but I will write about that another time.)

(Pic from jdcb42)

Kids Should Eat a Rainbow

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VeggiesI received this article from Baby Zone about helping your kids to eat more fruits and veggies.

Here are some highlights:

*What we eat in our youth can directly influence our health later in life.

*Not only does eating fruits and vegetables help ward off cancer; it helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cataracts, liver dysfunction, and other problems, adds Dr. Robert Pastore, PhD.

*Sadly, most American children simply do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, says Dr. Furman, who explains that more than 90 percent of the calories consumed by children under the age of five come from sugar, flour, oil and dairy. Only about five percent of American children’s calories come from fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts.

*So, how do we break this trend and get our children back on track? Parents need to serve as good role models and model healthy behaviors.

*The best possible way to encourage children to eat better is to offer a variety of good-tasting, healthy foods every day, at every meal. “Eat the rainbow. Go for color,” says Tanner.

(Pic is from Cocolinda in Flickr)

Dr. Oz

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Have you heard of Dr. Oz?

I hadn’t until my friend Christi told me he was on Oprah the other day and had some pretty fascninating stuff to talk about. So, I checked it out on Oprah’s website. And, wow! I am thoroughly amazed by what I saw.

Here is the link to his segment on “Inside the Human Body“. He brought in various real organs to show what they look like healthy and then damaged, to help show how we are damaging our bodies.

Can I just say, “Gross!” And yet, so amazing! (and convicting)

For example:
This is a picture of a healthy aorta and an unhealthy one. He says the plaque created in the aorta is literally hard like a rock, that is why they call it hardening of the arteries.

And this is the stomach. The unhealthy one on the left shows black spots and discolored craters, which are signs of an overworked stomach. Notice how it is stretched out as well.

So, great way to start out my first post on this health blog, huh?


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